Hillary Looks Good in Jailhouse Orange

August/21/2015 5:15AM
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hillary in orange pantssuithillary for prison

Hillary's server


Have we just about had enough of this.?  Isn’t it time the American people say no more lies? Can you really believe that this woman who professes to be so smart could  be so ignorant about the security risks of having everything on a personal server? What lie will tomorrow bring? The classified information was classified after it went on her server? That everything she deleted was personal?

Isn’t this like having the Iranis’ inspect their own nuclear plants? Which is what the Kerry/Obama deal says.

Here’s the bottom line. Either Ms. Clinton is a duplicitous liar and unfit for office or she’s an incompetent fool, unfit for public office. In the first case, she needs to go the way of Martha Stewart, who also lied to the feds. In the latter, she needs to go back to private life and sell speeches.







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