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August/15/2015 7:07AM
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obama climate change

If you believe this clown you need a strong dose of reality.

We, who live in the greater Chicago area, are getting one right now. The main distillation unit at the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana went down. The Whiting refinery is one of the largest in the country capable of refining over 400,000 barrels a day of mostly cheap Canadian heavy crude. That’s the equivalent of filling 650,000 cars a day with a 15 gallon fill. Not to mention the diesel trucks and planes that come from the distillate products. Or, the asphalt during peak road building time.

Gasoline prices are going up to $5 a gallon. There is no alternative to supply lost from this plant. Pipelines bringing fuel from the gulf coast refineries to Chicago are already full. The other refiners in the area the politicians and the media haven’t already closed are running at full production.

This clown and his fellow clowns are not going to produce gasoline any more than they are going to produce electricity after they close too many coal- fired power plants and the poor get hosed because this clown is telling them to save the planet.

Get real folks. All you get is gas. Not flatulence, but words. Words that are supposed to convert you to a fool that wants to destroy your future, that of your kids and grandkids based on a political platform that is not truly backed by fact. Here is a fact.  Cars, trucks, and planes run on fuel. Fuel that doesn’t come from a solar panel or a windmill. It comes from a 120 year-old refinery in Whiting, Indiana that is held together by baling wire. If that refinery is not running you get fuel from the Gulf Coast refineries by barge. Slowly, in small quantities, and at much higher cost. Money that comes from the poor this clown says he represents as well as you and I.

That’s reality.

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