Trump Campaign Strategy

July/17/2015 6:17AM
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The Donald is running on the “Sheriff Joe” election strategy. Those of us in Arizona know how that works. See, Sheriff Joe has remained in office by giving the public what the majority want. Not the special interests, not the media, not the politically correct, but the pure majority, regardless of political affiliation. Nearly every day of his time in this job the local media has attacked him though the print, talk radio, and TV. Still, he survives, because he delivers what the public wants from a sheriff. At minimum cost he locks up the maximum number of criminals. Enough voters get it to overcome the massive efforts by media to displace him and replace him with a liberal. Trump is gong to give that strategy a go.

His timing is impeccable.  He did not make such a derogatory statement about Latinos as the media would have you believe. He simply said a lax border lets potential criminals come across. And, drugs and guns as well. That does not say every immigrant is a felon. I’m not defending Trump because I like Trump, I’m just being objective, which seems in very short supply these days. I’ve been objective about Sheriff Joe despite the fact that I think he’s a bit too fond of blowing his own horn. Just like Trump.

While Macy’s is dropping Trump along with others due to his political incorrectness in their eyes, a young woman gets sot in San Francisco by an illegal who has 7 felony counts in this country and has ben deported numerous times. Then El Chapo breaks out of a Mexican prison again. Meanwhile, the president who always get’s it wrong, is emptying the prisons . Believe me, lot’s of Americans are thinking maybe Trump is right. Supposedly, 30,000 Macy’s customers have torn up their credit cards in protest.

Many of our political candidates are attorneys so we very accustomed to all campaign statements being weasel worded. See, every attorney is taught never to ask a witness a question unless they already know exactly how the witness will answer.  That’s all we hear from politicians now. Sanitized, tightly scripted, weasel words. Hillary, in my opinion, is impaired from what was a stroke, and can’t wing it, and they are having a hard time getting the script memorized. So, she says nothing off the cuff.

Sheriff Joe, on the other hand, let’s it fly. Gives the media all the fodder they ever need to skewer him every single day. But while he doesn’t fit the media’s model of a “weasel-wording liberal politician” they also show the public he is accomplishing what the public wants. The two results are inconsistent with one another. The pubic wants less crime at low cost and the media wants criminals treated well. So the media shows Joe mistreating criminals by their definition thinking the public will be equally outraged. The pubic thinks, “way to go Joe.”   The same thing is occurring with Trump. He’s getting millions in media exposure from the negative stories the media is showing but at the same time some of the pubic is saying “way to go Trump.”

It’s putting every other politician in a tough place. Hillary, who supports sanctuary cities. And, the multitude of other republican candidates who are spewing scripted weasel words. The two exceptions being Cruz and Rand Paul. Trump may force Hillary to do yet another 180 on sanctuary cities, which could be one too many. He may force the other republican candidates, I’ve lost count, to give us some straight talk on big issues.

I’m sure Trump’s advisors are looking at the next big issue after the border to start more straight talk. He’s been a one-trick pony hammering at China in the past. This new trick seems to be working so expect him to bring out a circus of tricks now. Who knows we could do worse, can you say “Obama”?

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