National Debt

July/01/2015 5:33AM
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Has it been a while since you have seen this?

We all look at the big numbers on the upper left. But, spend a minute with the numbers in the upper right. The population and workforce numbers. Fewer and fewer working in the private sector and more and more not working or working in the government.  Which, essentially means supported by taxes of the fewer working in the private sector.


Like what you see? You only get to see this on certain channels(Fox) and during hot campaign times. Hope you noticed the amount per taxpayer at $150K.  As the numbers of taxpayers go down and the debt goes up, the burden we put on the future generations becomes too great. Recent polls show the majority of the Americans polled favor socialism. We have tipped to Cuba.

Funny thing, in those socialist countries, like Cuba, the guys at the top have all the money. They sell the deal based on equality, but no equality for them.  All those guys in countries where they finally overthrow the despots, have billions salted away in foreign assets. If they can stay alive and out of prison they have provided nicely for their retirement in exile.

I read somewhere that Putin is the richest man in the world with an estimated $120 billion hidden away for future facelifts.

Meanwhile, we stay focused on things of great importance like single-sex marriage and the Confederate flag. Or, big issues like fast-track trade.

Tick tock, we put it to our grandkids and elect those who will make it worse, Obama has done his part, now it’s up to Hillary to make it worse.

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