Independence Day, Except When the Feds Come Down on You

July/04/2015 5:42AM
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4th of july 2015


Happy Fourth of July. We got our independence from an oppressive government that took everything in taxation and brought it home to Great Britain. Our forefathers who fought for that independence put together a declaration to keep us from becoming like our father nation. Now, we want to run the reel backwards and become Europe. Or, at least some do.

Want to see something scary. Click this link and spend the time to watch.

Is this really America? Do you want this government to enforce gun control? Do you believe this government can’t get the missing e-mails from Lois Lerner at the IRS or those of  Hillary Clinton from Benghazi, but they can break into this house mistakenly and trash the place and take the homeowners’ assets and refuse to return them. Even when they acknowledge their mistake, they want to keep some of the assets taken.

This is the epitome of an ugly government act. Too much government, too much central power, too many incompetent government employees who can’t be fired and this is what you get.

Most of us know our local police chief, some of the officers, and even the mayor. Who do these people go to for help, Obama?

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