Hillary is Done

July/28/2015 5:33AM
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The media has turned on Hillary Clinton. Say goodbye as a candidate for 2016, Hillary. The fat lady hasn’t sung but she’s grabbed her pitch pipe.

pitch pipe

It’s not Benghazi, it’s not the Clinton Foundation, it’s not even the e-mails she won’t turn over in the form of her server. The media are well-prepared to overlook all of that. None of these issues means a thing to them. It’s not the stroke that has incapacitated her to the extent that they have to keep her away from any spontaneous questions from the loving media.

The media would stay with her all the way to the White House despite all of this. See, when the media took down Richard Nixon the far-left liberal media(90%)  decided they are running the country. They have all of the power. They can elect a Barack Obama because they like his far-left politics and they knew it was cool to finally have a black president. Now they like Hillary’s politics equally and want to have a female president. They are already thinking Caitlyn Jenner may be next on deck.

Here’s the rub. The public has turned on the media. Only 27% of the public believe the media isn’t biased. The public finally gets it. The dogs aren’t eating the dog food.

Bottom line. Despite all the media has done to not draw attention to the issues in paragraph two(above) the polls say that Hillary would lose all of the swing states to any of the republican candidates . That’s the final straw. The media with their limited intellectual capacity realizes that the clock is running. They have to help the democratic party pick another candidate that they can tout. Plus, they trash Trump for hours every day and he goes up in the polls. Time to turn the dogs loose on Hillary. New York Times started this week with the article on the possible criminal charges against Hillary for putting classified data on her personal e-mails and lying about same.


Who will the media pick for our next president?  Caitlyn might not be ready. Got her the ESPY award, but there’s that little car accident and all of that. Next best, an avowed socialist. Not a socialist who lies about being a socialist, like Barack and Hillary, one who flat says, “I’m a Socialist” , Bernie Sanders. The old fart who looks like he could send you back to the future.  Is that their pick? How about old crazy Joe Biden? Or, Elizabeth Warren, who would destroy Wall Street to see how the country would work without a Wall Street. Hard choices, but one must be made soon.

Because their first pick, Hillary is toast.

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