Enemy Number One in the US is the Media

July/12/2015 5:39AM
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Nobody does it better. When the media found they could bring down a president with Richard Nixon, they decided they can do anything. Anything that suits their cause.  Right now they could bring down a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t suit their cause. They could do independent investigations on the Clinton Foundation and Benghazi but, no, they won’t do either. You see, they want Hillary to be elected.  Not all, but since a recent poll says only 26% of the pubic believes the media is not biased, it’s a small percent not rooting for Hillary.

Why do they endorse candidates and who really cares what they endorse? As a collective group they are about on a par with those who deliver their papers when it comes to intelligence. Ever know any? Many have substance abuse issues and few work a normal workweek.  Stupid and lazy. But, biased by all means.

Here’s an example, a small one, but it is death by paper cut that is killing the nation. Chicago Tribune business section dated July 2, 2015.  written by one Chico Harlan of the Washington Post. Headline, page one of that section. Jobless Rate Slides to 7-Year Low.  Wow, that’s good news. First paragraph, ” the nation added 223,000 jobs in June.  The unemployment rate fell to 5.3%, the lowest mark in seven years.” More good news, right? Buried on page four in the back of the article it says:  ” take away the seasonal adjustment and the labor force grew by about 550,000, less than half of the what is normally seen in June. Further, it says: the labor participation force fell to 62.6%, the lowest since 1977(Carter years).  With the year half over, the nation is on pace to add 2.5 million jobs this year as opposed to 3.1 million in 2014.” Gee, Chico, this is not good news.

So, probably the vast majority of us reading this article with our short attention spans thought things were really getting better in the jobs market.  Do you think that’s what Chico intended, or is Chico just a bad reporter? Don’t know Chico but I do know BS when I see it and this is pure BS.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, we get Chicoed by the media. Spun like tops. But, it is gratifying that the poll numbers show we are catching on to Chico and his kind. I would make a large bet that Chico has been a registered Democrat and never voted any other way.  But, like the dwarf, George Stephanopoulos, Chico needs to leave his politics at home. Should be a requirement to work on any major newspaper, local paper, national TV or Radio station, or local stations. No more. The boys at the top are just like Chico and George, they bring their crap to work and make sure they only hire others who do the same.  It’s billions of free campaign support for the likes of Hillary and Barack.

The job market is in the crapper, Chico told us that, we just had to read beyond the headlines and far into the article and forget what the headlines said. The old saying about the frog and the boiling water is so true when it comes to the way we get our news today.  No wonder the average person on the street knows more about JZ than Greece, but none will ever become JZ, but most may become Greece.

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