What Does the Federal Government Do Well?

June/07/2015 9:07AM
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Make and keep a budget? No, $17 trillion and counting.

The Pentagon seems to work, right? No, they just released anthrax all over the country and the world.

The IRS? No, they let hackers get into their tax payers’ accounts  that, when they weren’t harassing certain political groups that differ with the supreme leader.

Amtrak? No, lose money every year and wreck trains by speeding at 106 mph.

Homeland Security? No. TSA is a mess. The whole organization is a mess. Created because the FBI and the CIA and the NSA couldn’t work together. Now the three  of them hate  DHS.

Secret Service? What a joke.

Education? No, no one likes the current programs and they aren’t raising test scores.

DOE? Maybe the worst. Billions and almost every program is a failure. Ethanol l being the worst. Oil industry got nothing and through fracking saved Washington’s bacon. Can you say Solyndra?

Post Office. Don’t get me started.

Freddie, Ginnie, Fannie, and the FHA? Caused the housing bubble and will probably cause the next.

VA? Come on the mess was uncovered and now recovered. One person fired. How many vets have died since Obama pledged to fix the problem.

I could go on, but why bother. It always gets down to the military.  The real reason the Founding Fathers intended for the Federal Government to work. The rest was to be farmed out to the states. how’s that working?

Obama wants to give the Federal government more and more power and grow it bigger and bigger. Like ObamaCare, Oh, I forgot that one. Hillary is worse.

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