Lectures from Obama

June/28/2015 5:18AM
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Obama straw menIt can’t be over soon enough. The entire world is very tired of the weekly lectures from professor Obama.  The great orator does not make speeches, he lectures. The tragic shooting in the church in Charleston is the latest. He even slipped in the “n” word to spice up the lecture. I will say  right up front that I’m going to criticize the man, so, in his eyes and those of his supporters, this will be a racist blog.

There will not be one memorable speech in his eight years as president. Not even one sound bite.  The closest thing might be: “if you like our doctor, you can keep your doctor. ” Sad.

His lectures have a common theme. There is a villain and he’s the victim or the savior. Guns are the villains in the aforementioned lecture. For years it was George W. Bush. It’s been Fox news.

I remember when we had a leader as president. Ronald Reagan spoke about a vision. Or, if seeking approval for something , he explained why we needed to do what he was suggesting. It’s called getting the country on board.  It’s called leadership.

This Professor Obama is a one-trick pony. He sets up a straw man, then he throws rocks at the poor straw man. He even threw rocks at the Supreme Court in a State-of-the-Union address, a definite faux pas. He’s thrown rocks at the republican party for 6 1/2 years. Even when he had the majority in both houses, he threw his rocks.

See professors don’t live in the real world. But, as one professor’s wife I know often says, “my husband is seldom right, but never in doubt.” Professors have a captive audience. They  have all the power. They are not leaders, that’s why they are professors. Many of us learned from professors, but, in most cases, we could have learned the same from a book. After all, that’s where the professor learned what he professes.

So, we grow tired of the lectures and the professor grows boring and we sleep in the class or skip the class and read the text. If we disagree with the professor, woe to us. I will close with a “what goes around, comes around” story. I was working on an MBA at night. I had a professor for a class, Law in the Business Society. A paper was required at the end of the semester. I wrote mine on no fault divorce. Even then, I had a distaste for professors, and the professor, a David Jones, was a divorce attorney who was teaching the night class. This is before no-fault divorce and to get a divorce one had to prove a wrong.  I wrote the paper making the case for the elimination of the “fault” in divorce law. I was a visionary, even then. I got a B on the paper with comments, “solid piece of work, but faulty logic”.  I went to see Professor Jones to argue my case for an A. Lost the argument.

Several years later I was in the real estate department of my company. Someone brought me a proposal to hire part-time counsel to do some routine real estate law for us. The attorney, David Jones. I made the phone call personally to Mr. Jones, esq. to tell him we wouldn’t be using his services. I started the conversation by saying,” I see by your resume that you were primarily a divorce attorney, why are you doing real estate?” His answer, “no fault divorce has cut way back on the time required in the divorce area, so I needed to diversify” That took us back to my paper and when we got there, Mr. Jones said, ” I think I’m not going to get this job, right?”  See, even professors have a lick of common sense now and then.

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