June/15/2015 18:35PM
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Well, just like the IRS, this blog was hacked. I don’t know if it was the Chinese, the NSA, or an irate liberal. I did get a note from one of the latter and she said it was a shame I survived the plane crash. That’s why they call them bleeding heart liberals, if you don’t agree they want to kill you.

A lot happened while I was suspended. My host tells me it’s because the hacker plants spam and sends it out from the site. Hence, you violate the agreement with the WordPress people. Nice. The host seemed to think it was OK to take a week to fix the problem. That host, who doesn’t read this blog, may be about to find out we conservatives don’t take kindly to being treated like someone in line at the DMV.  There are a host of hosts out there and I just hope the replacement I have chosen does a better job. Writing this blog is all the hassle I bargained for,  just don’t need to become a computer geek to make this work.

Well, while we were down the world marched on. Hillary made a big scripted speech on Roosevelt Island. Appropriate spot. She opened up the free stuff window and pledged to give away the store if she was elected. Called the Republicans the party of yesterday. Wait a minute, didn’t Roosevelt start the giving away the free stuff? How much more yesterday can you get? Said she was too old, true that, but she would still be the youngest woman president. That’s it folks. Make your choice. We tried the first black president, how’s that working? Now we have to have the first woman just to say we did?  Even if she’s so dishonest that the majority of American’s polled don’t trust her? Even if she’s failed at every job, just like the current president? Even if she’s so senile the puppet-masters can’t let her have a press conference?

Oh well, a white woman posing as a black was heading up the Spokane branch of the NAACP.  A man who won the gold medal in the Olympics for the decathlon is now a woman.  Chris Christie says he’s still a republican. Elizabeth Warren is a native American.

My parents’ generation, the greatest generation, wouldn’t believe how stupid we have become as a nation.

Please hack me again and spare me from having to think about this stuff. me

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