Where to Send Your Kids to be Liberalized

May/18/2015 6:08AM
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First, send them to school. All the teachers are members of a union. The union collects dues. The dues go to elect politicians who support liberal causes. Hence, they support lower test scores since they object to rating teachers on test scores, weeding out poor performing teachers, paying teachers more than property taxes can support, and giving everyone in the system pensions that can’t be funded. Hence, every school superintendent in Illinois now gets a minimum of $200K a year in pension payments with escalators that will take that to $300K in 10 years.  So, from kindergarten on to high school graduation, you get liberal brainwashing for the kids. Now, send them to the university.

There it only gets better. They did a study at the University of Oregon a few years back. Over 90% of the professors and administration were registered democrats and a like amount of political contributions went to the democratic party. It would have been 100% but there is a business school at the University of Oregon. Plus a few in the engineering school were exceptions. If the EL-HI didn’t get the brainwashing job done, you can count on the university to finish the work.

Live in a big city or a blue state. If you are raising your family in California or New York state or in Chicago, they will learn why the democratic candidate for president starts every election with the big advantage of having a pile of electoral votes that can only be overcome by Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Blue states forever. The democratic party knows their work is almost complete. Knock off a few more of those swing states and put them in the forever bank and no republican will ever be elected president again in this country.

Let them watch TV or go to the movies.  The entertainment industry is solidly liberal. If you are an out-of-the-closet non-liberal like Jon Voight, you don’t get work in Hollywood. So every product that gets produced by those liberals gets a liberal twist whenever possible. Watch any awards show, except the Country and Western shows, and you will see idiots spewing politics while getting some award. See where Obama goes to get his cash anymore since Wall Street is on to him.

Have them go to work for a high-tech company. It’s a given that everyone there held that liberal education beyond university and they live it every day.  They all shop at Whole Foods, worship at the throne of Obama, and belong to the Sierra Club. But, if it’s a daughter you are sending there, don’t hold out much hope of her getting a big job. Seems they all skipped that idea in Silicone Valley. Black daughter, forget it.

There you have it. Unless you live in a small to medium-sized town outside a blue state where teachers aren’t unionized and you monitor their TV and movies, you lose. It might help if the kid studies business or engineering at the university. And if they go to work in the oil patch or for a non-tech company.

What will break the cycle? Well Scott Walker has started the process in Wisconsin where the good teachers don’t have to be paid the same as the losers. The losers are being weeded out without the unions and test scores are going up. When colleges and universities start closing because kids refuse to take out $150K in student loans for their inferior product,  change may happen there. When democratic-run cities like Detroit and now Baltimore show failure, change may occur. Chicago is right on their heels since they can’t pay the bills. When property and sales tax increases in states like Illinois drive businesses and citizens out of the state in droves, change might occur. When business people run colleges to keep them from tanking, change might occur. With all of that, it won’t happen in my lifetime in California or New York state. Nor Minnesota, Washington state, Oregon and New England. California filing bankruptcy is the only way change will ever occur there.

There might be some hope. The UK just re-elected David Cameron despite the polls saying he was done. The opponents even hired Axelrod to save their bacon and it didn’t work. The good people of the UK, especially Scotland, decided they like the conservative direction better than the liberal path. Maybe being better off than the rest of the European Union was helpful. Who knows, if it can happen there, it can happen here? It’s not enough to have cities with republican mayors doing well and  states with republican governors doing well, that doesn’t register with voters. Only when Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana began to take all the jobs away from Illinois did Illinois go for a republican governor. Who knows?

But, for the near future, your kids will grow up liberals despite your parenting. Sorry.


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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Very Good Bill. This is scary. I feel sorry for our grandkids.

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