Democrats for President in 2016–Scraping the Bottom of the Barrell

May/06/2015 5:08AM
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Democrats Introduce Legislation To Safeguard Social SecurityHillary and Bernie, sounds like an act in the Catskills in the 50’s . George Burns and Gracie Allen. Steve Lawerence and Edie  Gorme. Actually, Hillary and Bernie are old enough to have been an act in the Catskills in the 50’s. Both are past retirement age in any profession but politics where the jobs are so cushy and the accountability so minute they just keep working.

So there you have it. A former First Lady who served a token term in the Senate and then went around the world selling stock in the Clinton Foundation. It appears that’s a job she did really well since foreign relations got much worse while she was peddling influence. Bernie, he’s just an avowed Socialist from Vermont. Maple syrup for everyone, that’s Bernie’s slogan. Sap from a sap. Obama is a Socialist and lies about it, Bernie’s right upfront. Here’s another slogan for Bernie. “Now you can go to Cuba to see first-hand what I can do for America”

Wait, there’s a few others waiting in the wings. If Ms. Clinton should get indicted for her crimes or Benghazi facts become known, we have Old Joe. The crazy uncle who entertains at holidays. The one who  is always willing to put on the clown suit for kid’s birthdays or the Santa suit at Christmas. Every party needs a Joe and  the Democrats have one. He might run for president. Everyone can compare him to the one who looks like the professor who sent Marty McFly off in the DeLorean.  And, last, but not least, we have Lizzy Warren the mad Pekingese. Snarling and growling, she might make Bernie look conservative. Want to finish the destruction of jobs in America? She’s your candidate. Never saw a job producer she didn’t hate. Except for government jobs, of course.

Martin O’Malley, there’s a hard-luck potential candidate. He was seriously giving it a lot of thought .Being replaced by a republican in a true-blue state could be overcome, but what happened in Baltimore might be too much.

So, you Democrats who vote Democratic regardless, there’s your choices. Take your pick. Death by paper cuts might be better.

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