Fixing ObamaCare

April/06/2015 5:25AM
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All the costs and taxes used to support ObamaCare  need to be added up and published for the world to see. All of this for 8 million people to have insurance that didn’t or couldn’t get insurance before is not cost-effective.

If you are retired, like me, you have watched the insurance deductions from your social security and that of your spouse, if married, go up and your net benefit go down. Remember, you paid for both, or at least, paid into both. Soon, Medicare will be all you will get from Social Security. The rest will go to support ObamaCare. Keep in mind, AARP did this to you.

Businesses are paying billions to comply with the paperwork requirements of ObamaCare. I just read where a medium-sized business showed it will cost them $100,000 to comply. They hired two people just to do the compliance with the law. The National Small Business Association estimates it will cost $15,000 for small businesses to comply. That will kick in next January when all businesses with 50 or more employees must comply.

This doesn’t include the premium increases that have kicked in to cover the insurance for the high-risk that get coverage from the plan.

Here’s the solution. Today, you and I pay for the folks who have a house in a high-risk flood area. They can’t get insurance and it’s for good reason. The floods come and the damage follows and they take the insurance and re-build on the same lot. The hurricanes and floods come again and the money you and I pay into the fund cover the repair again and again.

ObamaCare would be much cheaper if handled the same way. Create a fund for people who can’t get or won’t buy health insurance. Pay their health care out of the fund. It would be far cheaper than hiring hundreds of new government workers in the IRS to monitor ObamaCare, businesses paying millions for compliance of the paperwork, and people paying more and more for their existing insurance to get 8 million people covered.

Let’s do the right thing the right way for a change. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will help the brain-dead Republican Party figure this out by eliminating ObamaCare and forcing a do-over

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