A Question My Grandkids Will Ask

March/23/2015 5:22AM
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Someday, long after I’m gone, my grandkids will ask their parents this question: Mom/Dad: ” we think it’s great that your generation and the prior generation put such emphasis on diversity, but couldn’t you find a competent minority and an honest, qualified female president?”

C’mon folks, Hillary Clinton is a dishonest, incompetent, senile, female. She answers her latest scandal with the question, “isn’t it time we had a female president?”

There’s over 300 million people in this country and more than half are female. A large majority of those are well-educated, honest, and have done some really remarkable things in their young lives. Is Hillary the best we have? Was Barack the best minority? An unqualified man with no intention of doing anything but campaigning for 8 years since that’s all he ever did.

If you watched Hillary lie about her e-mail illegality you knew it was it lie, a blatant lie.

Go ahead elect her, I won’t have to answer the questions from my grand kids.

You will.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Good one. I agree with you. The system is gettings so dishonest and the New media is so liberal noone hasa chance. So we get Hillery.

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