YouTube creators Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green interview President Obama about the top issues facing them and their audiences. Live on Thursday, Jan 22, 2015 at 5pm ET.

February/03/2015 5:46AM
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Never heard of Bethany Mota, GloZell Green, and Hank Green? Don’t feel bad, most of us don’t know who they are. Ever hear of Banjamin Netayahu? Probably you have, since he is the Israeli Prime Minister. He’s coming to the United States for a visit and will speak to Congress. Not meeting with President Obama, since the president is too busy to meet with him. As the president checks off the votes he is losing for his party down the road, he can now check off the Jewish vote. Mostly loyal to democrats since Roosevelt, it’s a big vote to lose. Oh well, the president is replacing the Jewish vote with YouTube fans.

Click below and watch our clown-in-chief spend a productive 45 minutes with three YouTube celebrities. You won’t want to watch more than the first two minutes unless you are drunk, stoned, or suffering insomnia. When he isn’t golfing our president is having such a good time doing videos like this. Makes you proud to be an American, right?,d.eXY

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Well, apparently GloZell asked tougher questions than the NBC clowns did in the pre-Superbowl interview, where they delivered tough questions about guacamole. Sadly, that isn’t saying much about tough questions he puts himself up for lately.

  2. bill says:

    It’s a bevy of softballs from the mainstream media. Watching Leslie Stahl interview him on the latest ISIS atrocities was embarrassing. And his responses are worse. It’s blah, blah, blah saying nothing. Guess the Junior Varsity is causing him to take time from GloZell.

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