The Differences Between a Leader and an Obama

February/27/2015 5:19AM
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Respect and trust,  in equal parts, are necessary to be a great leader. Both must be earned they can’t be requested. Respect comes from getting results. Trust from getting the results the right way. Communication is critical to both.

Not just communications in front of large audiences delivered with a Teleprompter, but day-to-day communications. Selling one idea is as important as important as selling ten because that’s how you get to ten. Bringing people along with big plans is how results happen. Leaving multitudes behind is how distrust happens.

Leaders must speak the truth as they believe it in their hearts. Ask Brian Williams. He was considered a leader by his organization. Not by me, since like another prominent leader, he just read a Teleprompter and appeared on late night talk shows and cracked wise. You only get one chance to tell a lie. Many, including Brian Williams, said George W. Bush lied about the WMD’s in Iraq. That includes those who saw the same set of intelligence and voted to invade Iraq. (can you say Hillary Clinton?))   Leaders do make mistakes. The batting average will determine the success of the leader.

From the CEO of a major corporation to the owner of a small business, decisions can’t be short-term. Neither business can run on feedback from today. You can’t run a state or a country based on polling. You must believe in what you are doing and that it will work in the long run and dig in and keep bringing employees and voters along with you. Therein lies the rub with President Obama.

He believes in his heart in Socialism. He wants to make this country a Socialist country. But, he can’t say that. He can’t tell us what he really wants for America. That goes all the way back to the conversation with Joe the Plumber. To tell the truth will not only destroy him, but the democratic party as well. So, he lives a lie and tries to bring this country to a place where a majority of the country does not want to go. This is a recipe for failure as we are seeing.

Look to places like Canada and the UK and you know how socialized medicine works. You don’t get to keep your doctor, your government assigns you a doctor. To get to socialized medicine you must do it in steps in this country. Step one, ObamaCare, moving toward the system. To get to the ultimate goal, you must lie every step of the way, as the professor who was outed telling fellow professors said: “you must lie to a gullible public to get what you want”.  Obama greets the sunset every day knowing he must lie his way through the day. He can’t just call a news conference and say, ” a socialist system is best for this country and I will take you there”. It’s his only goal, his only hope, his only plan. He cares not about the rest of it. Foreign policy, ISIS, etc., don’t care. Here’s his latest example: A plan deceivingly referred to as “Net Neutrality,” involves declaring the Internet a “public utility” and gives the FCC the power to decide what Internet service providers can charge and how they operate. This is not only a direct attack on the free market, but it will also result in an increase in Internet access fees for millions of consumers in America. It’s a massive tax on the middle class, plain and simple.

So he fails as a leader. Replaces Jimmy Carter as the worst president of all time. Takes his party down with him. His vision does not fit the country’s vision. When the majority of the public gets it, despite his lies, he is sunk. Fewer and fewer are following him, including much of his party who see their fate.

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