Put Up a Vacancy Sign at Gitmo

February/06/2015 5:34AM
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Look, we elected the wrong man twice. His campaign promise to close Gitmo in the first campaign is just another example of our mistake. We don’t need to be finding reasons to close Gitmo, we need to be filling up the beds and adding beds if we fill it.  Sheriff Joe’s jail in Phoenix should be the model for Gitmo. No air conditioning, two channels on the TV(Disney and Discovery), feed them for $5 a day, pink underwear, etc. No more exchanges, no releases, no trials, and no pity.

It’s time to get real, starting right there. They want to kill us. It has nothing to do with how we treat prisoners at Gitmo. If we can round-up more and extract critical information regarding future plans, do it.

Obama may have more time in office, but it’s time the Congress took over some of these decisions. Listening to Obama excuse the atrocities these people are perpetrating is embarrassing. No more. They are not the JV’s. When they executed a Jordanian pilot in the worst possible way, the King of Jordan flew a combat mission. The King of America made another useless speech. He can’t even call an enemy by their name. He’s a lily-livered excuse of a man. Strutting around in his Mom jeans taking every opportunity to try to convince us that there is no threat to non-Muslims. Work place incident at Ft. Hood, Bull. Pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan when we won at great loss by heroic Americans, wrong.

It’s time this country dropped the spineless attitude being put forth by this man. We need to start right at the scene of his first bad idea, Gitmo. Fill the place up with terrorists. Put them away where they can’t behead another innocent soul. Make examples of them and keep rounding them up.

We are not a Mother’s jeans country and it’s time to put a gag on the one who wears his and for Congress to grow a set and the media get wise and stop pandering to his idiocy.

America is a tough country populated by tough people. Let’s go back there.

Mom Jeans

Obama dribbles one to the plate in his Mom jeans.

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