Michael Moore, Hollywood, American Sniper, and President Obama

January/21/2015 5:25AM
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Remember when Michael Moore had a prominent seat at the Democratic National Convention? That same Michael Moore just tweeted his thoughts about the movie American Sniper. He said snipers are cowards. Michael Moore and Hollywood have a lot in common. Michael Moore and the military have little in common. Hollywood and the military have little in common. Barack Obama and Hollywood and Michael Moore have a lot in common. Chris Kyle, the soldier the movie American Sniper is based upon, and Michael Moore have nothing in common.

Here’s how the military feel about their Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama:


Military Times conducted the survey of 2,300 active duty service members. It showed Obama’s approval rating at  an abysmal 15 percent among military personnel, down from an already-low of 35 percent in 2009 and a 13 percent decline from just last year. The poll also shows his disapproval ratings grew from 40 percent to 55 percent from 2009 to 2014.

What’s the reasoning behind the dislike? Those military personnel  point to a variety of issues: Force reductions that have prompted concerns about career stability. Record-low pay increases. Mounting frustrations over foreign policies that have led many to question if their time in combat was worth the sacrifice. Major social initiatives that have reshaped the ranks.

It doesn’t take much to understand why Obama is not respected as a commander-in-chief. He has always been more interested in his friends in Hollywood than his troops. Michael Moore speaks for Barack Obama. He’s an overweight man who has made a considerable fortune by pretending to represent the average worker. He has no respect for his personal appearance. Probably the heaviest thing he has lifted in the past 20 years is a cocktail glass. He is going through a nasty divorce and is trying to stiff his wife out of as much as possible. Yes, the average Joe owns 7 houses like Michael Moore. Contrast that with Chris Kyle who was the epitome of an Navy Seal. A physical specimen who took risk after risk to protect you and me and Michael Moore.

The American public is voting on who they support at the box office. American Sniper will set all time records with more than $105 million in box office revenue over the four day holiday weekend. Hollywood is not happy. A movie by Clint Eastwood sets records. A movie about a true patriot sets records while their movie of choice, Selma, is barely attended. I saw American Sniper and the audience clapped when it was over. There was not one seat in the theater.

Hollywood, Michael Moore, and Barack Obama don’t get it. We, the people, care about the true patriots who have given so much in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, many of us have little, if any, respect for what Hollywood, Moore, and Obama represent.

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