Memo to Elizabeth Warren

January/02/2015 5:53AM
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elizabeth warren IIelizabeth warren

I really find you quite entertaining. I believe you to be the poster girl for all things wrong with this country. First, you are, oh,  so angry.  You are in attack mode at all times. Growling and barking like the angry Pekingese you resemble.  The object of all that anger is Wall Street and those nasty one-percenters, of which, I am proud to say, I am one. As a professor, you resent those who succeed in life. This is common with your ilk. Since you never really lived in the real world, you are devoid of common sense. And, far too many who are university-level educators in this country are devoid of that little requirement that allows a person to make good judgments. I am angry, really pissed, and it’s at your world of academia. You audit everything that has anything to so with finance in this country. You want to regulate banks, Wall Street, corporations, and anything that spells progress and jobs. Here’s what I want to audit and regulate. Everything that has anything to do with education beyond high-school. I believe there is no greater travesty in this country that what you academics are doing to my grandchildren. Runaway fiscal irresponsibility at the university level is rampant. Professors spend less time in the classroom and get paid double and triple the rate of infliction. University’s spend like drunken sailors. Administrators are about to become one per student. It’s at one per 3 right now. There is no place in America where more criminal activity is taking place than on the college campus. You are using student loans to steal from students with full impunity. It has to stop and if you run for president I can only hope that someone will use the opportunity to make you the poster woman for this injustice. More and more students who graduate are defaulting on those loans. Reason must come to school and it will have to be someone from outside the current crop of university presidents and their management staffs. In the medical profession they say doctor heal thyself. Ms. Warren, heal thyself. Get mad at those you worked with all these years if you want to fix something that must be fixed. It’s the housing bubble waiting to burst and you are a part of the problem and will never be part of the solution.

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