Ugly Backlash

December/10/2014 5:24AM
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I don’t think our president, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder,  and Charlie Rangle have a clue about the ugly backlash they are creating in this country. The media is the primary culprit and they need to see what they are doing as well. I am truly concerned that the white response to all the nasty tensions over the two grand jury decisions are like an iceberg, hiding under the water. I spent an hour reading the comments sent in on a  Facebook article about Rangle.   The comments made by Rangle calling Tea Party supporters crackers were made in 2013, but whoever published this article neglected to mention that. Bringing this up now whipped up the latent tensions in certain people in the white community who are not buying the Sharpton line. The unmitigated ugliness in many of the comments are truly shocking.Hopefully all of this well go away and we can move on. If it doesn’t, you decide how bad this could get based on the hard feelings elicited by a year-old Rangle comment. I consider most of the comments totally repugnant but I did not edit them and wanted to show the tone of the responses to the Rangle comment. Stirring up these people who make these comments seems like a very bad idea. But, the media can’t resist doing just that.


  • Matt Watts Speakin the truth my friend
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  • Jim Young To the entire Black
    race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to
    you as the White race AKA ” CRACKAS” ) that came to these shores from
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  • John Cox I’m not a cracker I am pale vanilla.


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