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December/27/2014 5:30AM
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The NSB blog hit new records in all categories for 2014. I thank you for taking your valuable time to read my amateur thoughts. This work is still dedicated to my grandkids who will have a lesser standard of living in this great country than my kids enjoyed. We have been on a very bad path and the next election will determine whether we get off that path or auger deeper into becoming a lesser country. Small businesses make mistakes and go out of business. Large corporations do the same. Huge countries as well. The Roman, Dutch, and British Empires have shown that. The USSR, more recently, broke up because their economic model failed. In my humble opinion, this country still has the people, the resources, the energy, and the determination to remain a job-creating economic engine with the political model that makes all that work. That political model was not socialism, the model that we have tried for the past 6 years and will continue to utilize if many have their way. Most Americans agree the government can’t run anything. But, many want to see that happen. If they win, my grandkids lose, simple as that. It isn’t just the democratic party, it’s the media, Hollywood, the educational system, from grade school through graduate school; it’s the labor unions, those who don’t want to work, those who came here illegally, over-the-top environmentalists, most lawyers, and most of several big states.(you know them well). That’s a lot of opposition. It’s a tipping point and I fear we will tip. We all need to work harder to try to keep this country great. At my age, I’m unelectable, can’t put on the uniform, and can only contribute in financial ways, volunteer, and write this blog. Hopefully, I can influence a few people to do more than I’m able to do at this point in my life. I can look back and have regrets that I didn’t do more. I see Bruce Rauner, a billionaire, who was just elected governor of Illinois, and I fervently hope he’s doing that for the same reason I’m writing this blog. To save a state that is the poster child for the rest of America. The next Detroit on a grander scale. When you spend more than you make for years and years, you go broke. Does 18 trillion and growing scare anyone?

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Bill, Thanks for writing this blog. It is very interesting and makes you think. I also hope we turn around our country. We have to many takers and not enough makers. We also need for people to voulunter. Alot of needs out there. Also Happy new years to everyone.

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