Thank You Senator Feinstein

December/12/2014 5:06AM
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Thank you Senator Feinstein for spending $40 million in taxpayer money for a study of events that happened 8 years ago. I am so upset with  what the CIA did to terrorists back then I can hardly sleep. Thank God we didn’t behead them like they do to our citizens. Or, strap a bomb on a child and have that child walk into a busy public place and set it off.  Or that we didn’t fly a plane load of innocents into a skyscraper and kill hundreds more innocents.  Or we didn’t drop a drone on what we are fairly sure might be a terrorist and kill a dozen  civilians in the process.

I  am horrified that we put them through seal training.  That’s where we sleep deprive potential seals to see if they can hang in there. Or, put them in ice water for hours to see if they quit.  Heaven forbid we did that to people who want to kill as many of us as they can in the name of Allah.

Here’s what I see coming down the road from your valuable piece of work.  First, the CIA, which you trashed, will leak information that documents the intelligence we did get from those actions. That will prove your $40 million dollar piece of work to be mostly fiction. Since it was done by 100% of the democrats on the committee and no one interviewed the accused CIA agents. You started with a desired outcome and paid academic geeks $40 million to produce that  outcome.

You and your fellow democrats took it on the chin pretty good in the last election. You have just added another reason why the next will be worse for your party. And, John McCain, who should be in assisted living, won’t be running again in his 80’s as he pledged to do since he won’t be electable as a dog catcher in Arizona.  Arizona is not San Francisco and citizens won’t appreciate your little piece of work.

Hopefully, no one will get killed over this piece of garbage.  Not that it  would make any difference to you. See, Diane, Bush is long gone from public office. Obama is now finding a new bottom for an approval rating and you have just hit the down button for him. Not that he needed your help. Your party is running from Obama, ObamaCare, and your party in general. When this is over you will be more toxic than Obama. Maybe even more toxic than Jonathon Gruber. How bad is that for the former head of the Intelligence Committee, an oxymoron, perhaps?

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