Thank You Jeb Bush

December/24/2014 5:10AM
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jeb and hillary

Thank you Jeb Bush. You have done this country a huge favor. Polls show a significant number of Americans believe we can do better than a Clinton and a Bush. With 300 million to choose from, your announcement reminds us that this is not a monarchy. We don’t have a sixty-year old prince wondering if he will die before his mother, the queen. Scared that he may never be king. We see that having Hillary be president just because it’s time to have a female president is just like having Barack as president because it’s time we had a black president. See, it’s an entitlement in a country that has always disregarded entitlements until the past 30 years. We started diversity advancement in education and business and put many people in schools where they couldn’t compete and jobs where they failed. Hillary, alone, might not have made such a big impression. After all, the alternative is Elizabeth Warren, Obama on crack, but the thought of a Clinton/Bush ticket drives it all home.

Sorry, Jeb, your dad and brother are classy guys but neither was that great in the big job. We can do better as a country, or, at least, as a political party. Let the other party try the entitlement thing and see how that works for them. They really don’t have a choice, but your party does and will choose someone better to run against someone unqualified.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Personally, I think you put too much faith in the Republican party. I fear they can only put forth idiotic candidates like Jeb Bush.

  2. bill says:

    He or she who can collect the most money wins the nomination. The new rule in politics today.

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