Thank You President Obama

November/23/2014 5:05AM
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In just over three weeks it is patently obvious that you, Mr. President, will finish off the democratic party on your way out the door. Your narcissistic personality disorder will always prevent you from seeing reality. The country rejects you and all you represent. The country associates you with the democratic party. Therefore, the more you do to irritate the masses, the more you do damage to the future of your party.

Let’s recap what you’ve done since you got the message on election night.

First you responded with a threat. Give me an immigration policy to my liking or I will put one in place myself. Then you did just that.

Voters want smaller government and less regulation. You respond by saying you plan to use obsolete regulations designed for phone companies 50 years ago to regulate the Internet. I can’t imagine who this won’t anger.

Then it’s off to meet with the Russians and Chinese. Putin’s disdain for you couldn’t be more obvious. You get dissed by him. Then you strut around in your Chinese p.j.’s chewing your Nicorette gum looking like a teenager or a contented cow. The Chinese president refuses to answer a question from a NY Times reporter with you standing by shrugging like a bullied teen.

You cut a deal with the Chinese giving them a pass on climate change for 16 years while announcing you will tighten our rules using the EPA to initiate a new slew of job-killing regulations. “Obama’s most recent move is committing the U.S. to a $3 billion contribution to an international fund that seeks to help developing countries address climate change, which he will announce this weekend. It’s the president’s second major climate action in a week, following Wednesday’s announcement of a bilateral climate agreement with China. Under the agreement, the U.S. will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025, while China will begin reducing its own emissions by 2030″ Sweet deal, eh? I’m surprised he didn’t sell the country to the Chinese for some beads.

Keep it up please, Mr. president. The republicans need all the help you can give them. No one does it better. Arrogant stupidity. Your greatest asset. The laughing-stock of the world. Only you can make Joe Biden look smart.

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