Hillary: “Businesses Don’t Create Jobs”

November/08/2014 5:26AM
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On the campaign trail in Massachusetts 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did the Obama thing. She said “businesses don’t create jobs”. Just like Obama said “you didn’t build this” to a businessman.  The sad thing, both truly believe this. Neither ever worked for a business. a law firm, yes, but a law firm is hardly a business.

The people just voted on “trickle down” economics. The public doesn’t believe it works anymore. Hillary feels a threat from Elizabeth Warren, the socialist Senator from Massachusetts. Elizabeth never saw a business she didn’t hate and wouldn’t regulate. Before the election, the Democratic party was poised to decide between Clinton and Warren. Who else do they have? When Bush became so unpopular it was clear the Republicans had no succession plan. Now the Democrats are in the same boat. Before the election, it looked like a boat that would float, now it’s a sinking boat.

Look at this map. The only places where the platforms of the two candidates will pass muster are the blue areas. It won’t get the job done. http://www.nbcnews.com/watch/nightly-news/new-faces-of-gop-help-republicans-take-the-senate-353317955674

Watch now as Hillary destroys Warren by becoming Reagan. Right before your very eyes she will spin a new platform. She will dump the far left and move right of center. It’s always good to remember the Clinton’s’ believe in nothing but the Clinton’s’. The best thing for the country when it comes to Hillary has been Barack. He kept her from office last time and he may have done the same again. He may have assured the country that no democrat will be elected president for 8 more years.

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