Becoming Cuba– Avoided

November/06/2014 8:51AM
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The United States of America and the state of Illinois woke up Wednesday and found they had moved off  the roads to ruin they were following. Illinois may have awakened too late, but there is some hope. The state that gave the country the incompetent taking head who is running the country dumped the talking head who was running the state for a successful businessman who has no reason to steal from the taxpayers. A unique trait for a governor of Illinois where two of the past three were convicted and sent to prison and the last one may be on his way there. But, maybe, just maybe, Bruce Rauner, the new governor, can pull the state out of a sure bankruptcy tailspin. Created by the same tailspin that took the city of Detroit down. Every public employee retires with a lifetime pension the workers in the state can’t afford to pay.

The president took his normal strut to the mike to give his comments on what he had done to the democratic party and took no personal responsibility for the train wreck.  But, George W. Bush went through almost the same thing in 2006. But, it seems,afterward the leaders of the republican party paid him a visit to tell him he was no longer calling the shots lest he destroy the party permanently. Guess he listened since he fired Rumsfeld shortly thereafter and announced he wasn’t going to lease key ports in the US to Dubai. Thereafter, he seemed a robot guided by others. Get ready Obama, they can really put the hurt on you by tuning an already upset media loose on you to destroy your future completely.

A media that may be more upset than either the president or Hillary who can’t look at the new red/blue map and be excited about 2016. Screwed by Obama again. The Chicago Sun Times didn’t put the election on page one on Wednesday. Other papers said things like it will get worse. More gridlock. Juan Williams when asked as the results were coming in if this was a tidal change, said no. Then when everyone in the studio refuted that, he sulked like a petulant child and finally said it wasn’t Obama that the voters were turning against, but the gridlock caused by the republicans. The media is sick. Their man, Obama, is failing and they can’t cope with that. But, they will turn on him to protect their lady, Hillary.

No gloating here. No spiking the ball like the president did in 2012. He said on Wednesday he might enjoy a bourbon with McConnell. In 2012 he said “have a drink with Mitch, no thanks”. Face it, he’s too big to have a drink with anyone and so big no one wants to have one with him. Excluding Hollywood types with collective average IQ’s in single digits.

Michelle Obama, “for the first time in 7 years, I’m proud to be an American”.

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