12 Minutes to Post an Overnight Letter

November/29/2014 5:00AM
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Stopped by the local post office to mail an overnight letter. Two people in front of me in line with two clerks. One lady wheeled in two big packages on her own hand cart. She was being told she couldn’t use the on-line pre-paid process she had purchased. She demanded a supervisor. Supervisor took 5 minutes to appear. Said she had talked to the postmaster and he told her to accommodate the lady. Now they move her out of line. Person in front of me advances. Man leaves second clerk, she calls me up.

She speaks in such accented English I can’t understand much of what she says.

I put the clock on her to see how long it will take to mail an overnight letter. I do this because it seemed to take her last customer forever for his transaction. It took me 12 minutes for her to handle what should have taken 3 minutes maximum. The clerk next to her did most of it by going in and fixing her errors. A good deal of the time was spent removing her glasses, squinting at the computer screen, putting the glasses back on and repeating the process. No dialog, no questions, nothing requested from me, just what appeared to be stalling tactics to delay having to handle another customer.

That’s it. A union employee deciding the number of people she chose to handle per day, per hour, and making it fit.

If you truly want to keep your government in the postal business observe how it’s being run. It’s the Veterans Administration without people dying and with no one blowing any whistles.

It’s a magic show. They make your tax dollars disappear by performing incompetence before our very eyes.

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