When War is a Job

September/28/2014 5:55AM
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This is just my observation. When things go bad in a country, start a war. It takes everyone’s mind off the real problems.

War becomes a place for young men to work. It’s a job. In most Muslim countries, it’s their version of McDonald’s. For 30 years in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, it’s been a place for full-time work. Afghanistan was at war with the USSR. The USSR went broke fighting in Afghanistan. Then we went in and provided employment fighting in their civil war. For years we watched as Iran and Iraq waged war against each other. Estimates were a million died in that war. Then we went to Iraq and fought in their civil war. We won and we lost because when we left, war became a job again. Some outfit called ISIS set up shop and created jobs. Now we are going into Syria where war has been the job in their civil war.

Things were going bad for our president. His approval rating hit an all-time low. Things were looking bad for the mid-term elections. Democrats were sure to lose the senate. Well,  let’s go back to war. The NFL as a diversion was wearing thin. Now we can see color video of our war machine dropping bombs in Syria. The place that had the red line, then didn’t have the red line, and now has the red line again.

Seems like war is a pretty good job. Unless, you or your kid has to go to work there. See, unlike Iraq and Syria, we still have a few jobs available to young people here. Fewer every day, if you look at the percentage who do work, not the bogus unemployment numbers. We don’t have two Muslim religious factions here who hate each other and get up every day looking to kill one another. We don’t envy other countries so much we make an industry of telling them we’re coming to wipe them off the face of the earth.

We’re just the world’s police force. We have to respond when evil begins and threats are aired. When an enterprise begins with jobs available to those who want to do evil things, we have to stop them.

Eventually we will run out of money and employees for that work.  They never will. The job’s too big and they have over a billion potential workers, world-wide.

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