When Did the Media Become Judge and Jury?

September/19/2014 5:16AM
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If you are still debating whether the media in this country has a far-left political bent stop reading and go back to watching MSNBC.

There are certain things mainstream media will support strongly and forever. President Obama comes to mind. He has reached the 38% approval rating despite the media. Gun control is a biggie for them. Amnesty for illegals will find them there trying to make a big crowd demonstration out of a handful of people. Any form of gay rights gets lots of air time.  It’s also easy to spot what they don’t support. God is a biggie for them. They all want the crosses torn down and the prayers out of schools. Now we can add one more–most sports.

It must go all the way back to high school and college. No one noticed their great work on the school paper. It was the jocks that got all the attention.

Otherwise, how do you explain what’s happening to the NFL. How do a few bad actors in a workplace get front page and top of the news attention? Why would private citizens, which includes the employees of media businesses, insist on deciding what another business, the NFL, which I believe qualifies as such, does to employees who misbehave?

If I put 1,000 men in a room, at random, I will have a mix of society. That’s how elections are predicted. In that room I will have X number of men who have abused spouses or girlfriends at one time or another. The percentage will be higher for the cops in the room, since they do this two to one vs. the rest of society. If 30 of those men work for television, radio, or TV, the same percentage of them will have abused a loved one.

If you Google celebrity spousal abusers, you will find rock stars and actors do this on a pretty regular basis. But, the truth is we know they did it because the media told us about their acts. But, in that reporting there is one difference we see with the NFL we didn’t see with the celebs. No one in the media is demanding the rock star or actor be banned from performing. No one says to their employer, you have a obligation to never use this actor again. Or, to suspend them for a year.

With these celebrities it’s left to the courts to decide and then the audience to choose whether to watch future performances.

With the NFL, the media sees the responsibility of the employer to be at a much higher standard. Roger Goodell should be fired because he either didn’t meet the media’s standard for being honest when he knew what he knew or because his suspension of Ray Rice didn’t meet media requirements. Hillary Clinton should be president even though she may have lied about what she knew and when she knew it about Benghazi.

I get it now. Telling the truth is important for Richard Nixon and Roger Goodell, but not for Hillary Clinton. It’s a requirement for certain presidents and for NFL commissioners, but not for others.

The courts don’t decide the fate of private citizens, the court of media opinion does. Ask the cop in Ferguson, Missouri, who has yet to be heard.

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