My Work is Almost Done

September/13/2014 5:21AM
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I started the original blog, “Grandparents of America Awaken”, before Barack Obama was elected for his first term. When you hire someone for any job based solely on the color of his skin and not his credentials, you are begging trouble. When you believe diversity/affirmitive action trumps all, and buy the teleprompter act as greatness, you will be disappointed.  When you overlook the fact that the candidate never bothered to show up for work in any previous job, you shouldn’t expect the person to show up after the election. When you overlook  a candidate’s association with far-left socialists, it’s like excusing your child’s prison sentence due to his bad choices in friends.

When you re-elect that same failed candidate because the other candidate is rich, you have crossed the line into ignorance. Now, two years later you finally get it, you made two really big mistakes. Now, only 38% of you still support Obama. It took bad decision after bad decision to get there. It took lie after lie to convince you the man is a serial liar. It took playing golf while an American was beheaded to sell you he’s lazy. It took watching the whole world turn on him for you to turn on him.

But, we are finally there. We won’t elect a woman just to check off the gender diversity box and say we’ve done it all now. If an election were held today Romney would beat Obama by a landslide. This country is sick of all the problems the man has stuck us with.

There is hope that we can pull out of this tailspin and put the country back on a path that will allow my grandkids to chase the same dreams I chased.

Even Illinois may save itself from the damage the democratic machine has inflicted before the state does the Detroit bankruptcy thing.  The rich guy, Rauner, is leading the Obama clone, Quinn, by 7% with two months left.  Trashing the rich guy simply because he was successful is no longer working. Maybe he became successful because he is smart and knows how to run things. Maybe he won’t steal from the voters like so many Illinois politicians have done through the years.

This election is key for me. If Rauner wins, I’m hanging it up. I’ll be convinced that the country has been Carterized, not cauterised, but Jimmy Carterized. We got Reagan because Carter was the worst president in our history. He’s been supplanted by Obama. If Rauner can do it in Illinois, someone will do it in America two years from now.

Obama will have put the democrats on the shelf for another 8 years and that should be long enough to fix all they have broken. No need to vent anymore.

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