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September/22/2014 5:06AM
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This is just ABC, NBC, and CBS. Obama is lower in approval rating today and has been most of the year than Bush was in 2006, the year the Democrats took over congress. Many of the polls are being commissioned by the three aforementioned networks. Yet, after polling, they choose not to put the data on the air. It’s a little warped, it was on the evening news every day in 2006, 124 times. Now, it’s a paltry 9 times.

The media is using bait and switch. They are choosing to try to destroy the NFL this time instead of the president. But, that’s not working either. A poll this week shows that 89% of the public still intends to watch NFL football and women were less effected then men by the networks trashing the NFL.

A business so poorly managed that most of the businesses are losing viewership and readership by providing poor choices and biased reporting that they are losing money and going out of business hardly seems like a place to watch or read. Polls show many people are making that same choice.

If I had a your child today I would have to monitor their choices of network viewing since they stop just short of showing porn. I’m no prude, but the degradation of network TV moral standards is pretty obvious. Who are they to lecture on moral standards.

It’s all a moot point anyway since more people will be watching NFL football than the network news spins.

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