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August/14/2014 5:17AM
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Let me help you with your future voting challenges. There is only a single number one priority. The future of your kids and grandkids. We are spending their future and soon we will see Detroit replicated. The territory of Puerto Rico is next. Followed soon by Illinois. Then perhaps California.

In 2010 I wrote a blog about the campaign season. Here it is and nothing has changed.

The campaign is in full stride in Illinois. I have yet to see one campaign commercial that is not an attack ad. This shows how dumb we voters have become.

If we had a modicum of intelligence we would reject this type of campaign advertising and demand the candidate advertise his own product. What do you stand for, not what does your opponent have in the form of dirty laundry.

Does anyone else market their product with attack ads? Some do, but usually it is to expand what they offer in the way of an advantage. For example, Southwest Airlines attacks competition that charges for luggage. It’s really meant to magnify the fact that they don’t charge for luggage.

When you are considering the purchase of a product do you want to know what that product is and the benefits of that product? Most attack ads we are seeing tell you the other product lies. Or, the other product is a crook. Or, the other product can’t be trusted. With nothing but offsetting smear ads from the opposition, what do you really know about the first product? Nothing. That’s what they want you to know.

They have no intention of telling you what they represent. It might cause them to have to take a position after they are elected.

The so-called new blood is just like the old blood. They are modeling themselves after them. If they were truly new blood you would be seeing a new style of campaign advertising.

Until you see a campaign commercial where someone stands before the camera without their well-groomed family beside them and says, “I will vote against any spending bill until we have cut spending to be able to afford new spending”, we don’t have new blood.

So here we have the issues in Illinois. It’s 2014, not 2010 when I wrote those words, above, and nothing has changed.  The incumbent for governor, Pat Quinn has accomplished nothing in his time in office. He has pulled out the Obama playbook against Romney since his opponent happens to be wealthy. Wealthy in Illinois means he won’t try to steal from us like most of our governors have in the past 30 years. It means he has no motive to take the job except to try to apply the same formula to the state that he applied to business  in an effort to stave off bankruptcy.

Quinn’s campaigns: Rauner pays less in taxes than you and I on $50 million in income. Translation: Rauner probably paid $10-15 million in tax dollars but the percentage was the same or less than you paid. Rauner paid no social security tax. Translation: his income was all dividend and interest income, not salary. Rauner had investments in companies that closed operations and eliminated jobs. So did you and I. If you had stock in Hostess, shame on you. Of course, the unions that control Quinn and Illinois closed Hostess, but let’s not go there.

So, Illinois voters have a choice either elect a man who might save the state from bankruptcy or re-elect a man who is controlled by the unions and can’t do anything to fix the pensions that are going to sink Illinois. That means the majority believe  the same baloney that got Obama re-elected.  It’s a microcosm of America. Vote based on secondary issues or vote based on who can stop the spending and save the future. It’s that simple.

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