Two Billion Dollars to Fix the Republican Problem on the Mexican Border

July/06/2014 5:17AM
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What a wonderful human being we have for a president. He puts in place an executive order that says if kids come to the US illegally they can stay. Then kids start coming. In droves. Now we have a problem we can’t solve like so many others. Iraq, which is Bush’s fault. ObamaCare, which we hide. Benghazi, due to a video. The IRS scandal which no one did. The NSA spying, which we should accept. Gitmo, which he still can’t close.

The president has a series of solutions for every problem. First, blame someone else. If that doesn’t work, lie. If that’s a problem, cover the lie. Then let time pass until a new problem arises.

The only problem with all of this seems to occur when everything you touch becomes a problem. I can’t even list them all here. No one is even getting into GM and all the money we spent saving the company that may go down a rat hole because they were using the president’s method for solving the little problem of their ignition switches killing people.

The economy is a mess. The VA is a mess. Russia is causing problems. The Middle East is blowing up again.  Gasoline prices are going up fast.

So he steps into the Rose Garden and squints into the teleprompter and says, ” Republicans won’t solve the problem on the Mexican border, so I will.”

To this I say, please Mr. President don’t do anything. Just go play some more golf, do some more fund-raisers, and take another vacation. We are all far better off when you do nothing. Don’t touch another thing in your remaining months in office.

The country is reeling from what you’ve done already. Go see Jimmy Carter and see if he can get you involved in some charity. Spend time in Hollywood with your friends. Get your future speaking engagements lined up. Put together your list of those you plan to pardon. Be sure to include your Chicago friends who are doing time to keep you out of trouble.(Tony Rezko, e.g.) Campaign for Rahm, he’s in trouble.

Just don’t do two things. First, do not try to fix anythng, including the problem you created on the Mexican border. Second, set-aside the idea that you can double cross Hillary one more time and run Michele for president against her.

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