Third Planeload of Illegals lands in California

July/08/2014 7:37AM
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Border security is not the only issue. Please explain to me how planeloads of illegals are allowed to land on an US airstrip and unload and have the occupants bussed to some pre-arranged destination. Who pays for this and who makes the decisions to move them from Texas to California?

While you are explaining this tell me what immigration reform has to do with this. A key part of every immigration reform proposal is securing the borders. Obviously, this is not how you show you have your borders secure as the former Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and the president were saying when they said we are ready for reform and amnesty for the 11 million who are here now.

I don’t pretend to understand politics, but it seems to me that flying kids from Central America around  the US is a good way to secure the senate for the Republicans in November. I’m guessing the majority of short-attention-span Americans watching this on TV miss the interstate part of this story. They will see this as planes coming from Central America into the US.

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