Government Soution to VA Hospital Problem

June/15/2014 5:05AM
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Here it is. Two senators who should be hospitalized for dementia, Bernie Sanders and John McCain, have the solution to the VA hospital problem. Build more VA hospitals.


Democrats Introduce Legislation To Safeguard Social Security


mccain looking dumb

In my world, the world of business, where one had accountability, this proposal would result in a firing.

I can see someone coming before a management committee where a division was totally mismanaged and make this proposal. Security would escort them from the building.

Unfortunately, the 300 million who represent the board of directors of Government USA will accept whatever baloney the hired hands present.

This is so illogical it is farcical.  You can’t run what you have so you build more. Do you think building more will solve giving bonus awards to liars who cook the books? Do you think building more will improve the union situation where incompetents can’t be fired?  Do you think more hospitals will change anything in the broken system that make the VA medical system unworkable?

Any problem in Washington DC can only be fixed by more money.

Guess where the most money is going to be spent? Phoenix, the very place where the scandal was discovered and where the most egregious mismanagement occurred.  Right where the honorable Senator McCain lives, but ,of course, he is not the least bit responsible for the mess in his backyard.

When you hire people like Bernie and John to run your business, this is what your get. Or, worse, a community organizer.

Put another drooling bureaucrat in change of the VA and build all these new hospitals for twice the budget and three times the projected completion dates.

Are we ever going to put a stop to this game?

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