May/09/2014 5:26AM
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This, per The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Caprotti was 45 years old when he bought a piece of land in Florence, Italy to build a supermarket.

Recently, the permit was issued. Mr. Caprotti is 88 years old.

Italy has a financial crisis. The economy is stagnant. Gee, I wonder why?  It only takes 43 years to get a permit to build a supermarket. Obama says we have no shovel-ready projects in this country. Meanwhile, he blocks the Keystone Pipeline for four years.

Welcome to ObamaLand. The country Obama would have us become. He loves the European Socialist model of government. He has almost achieved his goal of making us like Europe. Let’s split the country. Give him a few states and call them ObamaLand. Let’s let him have California and New York for starters. Throw in Illinois and give him Detroit, but not the rest of Michigan. Toss  in Washington, both of them, the state and the DC. New England, it’s his. That’s ObamaLand. Funny thing, all of ObamaLand has financial issues. His country is going broke. But, we will save the rest. We will call it America.

In America we will have low taxes, a solid energy policy, few regulations, right to work laws, and term limits for politicians. Under no circumstances will we do business with ObamaLand. Since citizens of ObamaLand don’t want a solid defense system, we will take the military and pay the bills for a strong defense. In ObamaLand there are no legal guns, so only criminals will have weapons. ObamaLand has open borders, but we in America have border protection. But, illegals don’t seem to want to migrate to ObamaLand and citizens of ObamaLand are forever trying to cross illegally into America since we have jobs here.

In ObamaLand they embrace renewable energy. In America we do the same, but we have all the refineries and we actively drill for oil and gas and build nuclear power plants. ObamaLand has serious energy problems. The wealthy have all left ObamaLand where taxes on them reached 75%. Businesses have all left too since their tax rate is 75% as well.

All workers in ObamaLand are union and productivity is at an all time low. Very  little  food is grown in ObamaLand except for California, but even there regulations have reduced output by 50%. They do have a lock on maple syrup since they have Vermont.

Student test scores have gone up in America where teachers are on a merit employment system with no unions or tenure. University tuition has gone down for the same reasons. Business people now run the colleges and universities. Not true in ObamaLand where scores continue to plummet.

Think this is ridiculous? Look at the states in this country with Republican governors where much of what is written above is being attempted. Look at Illinois, California, and New York states. You can get a clear picture of the future of this country if Obama’s politcis prevail after he is gone from office.

Where do you want to live: ObamaLand or America or even Italy where it takes a lifetime to get a building permit?

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