The Hillary/Barack Foreign Policy Scorecard

April/17/2014 5:29AM
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Let’s see, right off the jump Hillary trucks off to Canada to tell them we don’t like them extracting oil from tar sands. That was brilliant, and Obama continues to refuse to approve the Keystone Pipeline to receive their oil which they threaten to ship to China. Let’s stick a finger in the eye of our best neighbor. The one who imports their oil so we don’t have to ship money to the Middle East. The one who isn’t shipping their people here since their economy is so much better than ours. Because of their oil, of course.

Then Obama embarks on his “World Apology” tour. Remember, the one where he told the world we were sorry we had spent so much blood and treasure to try to keep the rest of the world safe. The one where he bowed to the Saudi Prince. The one that won him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama then took his prize to the IOC to get the Olympics for Chicago. Sorry, Obama, it goes to Rio.

Then they announce the threat of terrorism was over. The word terrorism could no longer be used. It was to be replaced by “man caused disaster”. When the first Ft Hood massacre occurred it was declared a workplace accident, thus preventing the military families from getting wartime benefits and letting our troops know what to expect from this president. He announced we would pull all troops from Iraq, hence turning a victory into a great opportunity to let the enemy re-take a country where so many American’s had died and so much had been spent. An isolated friendly, democratic country in a sea of hatred. Gone. All to further embarrass an ex-president.

Next he reduces the air defense presence in Eastern Europe to appease Putin. Now, Putin is paying him back by re-taking the Ukraine.

Then he faced the situation in Benghazi. Had to lie big-time on this one, both he and Hillary. Election coming up and it was again obvious terrorism was not over as he had repeatedly promised. Still lying about that one.

Then the line in the sand. With Syria. Announcing we were going to retaliate, then looking to Congress for an out, and finally turning it over to his buddy Putin to resolve. Meanwhile watching while Iran puts the finishing touches on their nuclear weapons program and waiting to see if they blow Israel off the map as they promise.

These are just some highlights. But, the biggest issue is yet to come. He is turning America into a Socialist Democratic country, like Europe. That brings up the core issue with that plan. Europe has spent almost nothing on defense allowing them to put it all back into social programs. If we do the same, who is the world’s defender? Europe could do that because they had us to back them up. Who will back us up if we can’t protect ourselves. China, who is stepping up their defense spending?

Meanwhile, Gitmo, the first thing Obama pledged to do, remains open for business.

Some cartoonist just published a cartoon showing George W Bush in a tub being water-boarded with the caption “art critics”.” W” has been showing some of his paintings, which is a hobby he has been pursuing in retirement.  Obama has been sitting in a room deciding who gets zapped by a drone for five years and the left is still trying to bring back Bush and water-boarding.  Give me a break.

It would not be fair and balanced if I didn’t mention that Obama killed Osama. Some say it was the intelligence gleaned from water-boarding that allowed that to happen.

So, score one for Barack and Hillary. But, in every other example they were wrong. It’s a terrible record and one that will haunt Hillary and her “it doesn’t matter” comment over Benghazi and this dismal foreign policy record on her watch. She put a lot of miles in the air, like George Clooney did in the movie, “Up in he Air”, but it’s results that count. She was like a sales rep who piled up frequent flier miles with almost no sales. Sorry, thanks for your dedication to travel, but his is about results.

Think about it. How can an administration be wrong about so many things?

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