Illinois, Obama, and Detroit

April/23/2014 5:55AM
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Illinois is heading down the same path as Detroit. Unemployment remains stubbornly high, either the highest or second highest in the country. Some statistics say Rhode Island is higher. Neighboring states run by Republican governors have made much bigger recoveries from the recessions and are almost out of the woods.

Illinois is run by the Democratic machine, the one that spawned Obama. The current governor, Pat Quinn is just a puppet for the real governor, Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan. Madigan has run the state for over 20 years.

The temporary income tax increase will become permanent if Quinn and Madigan have their way. They want to increase the corporate tax rate as well. Even as businesses flee to Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.

Running against Quinn this fall is a businessman who wants to do the same things the aforementioned states have done to improve their economies. Bruce Rauner is like Mitt Romney, he is successful  outside politics and appears to be honest, a very unique quality in politics today, especially in Illinois. He leads Quinn by two points in the most recent poll. Madigan has a 61% disapproval rate in that same poll.

Illinois will become Detroit if things don’t change. The amount of money needed to fund current and future pension obligations can’t be raised. Taxes can be raised, but the result will be more individuals and companies leaving the state. I will be in that group. After the past winter, it may be a herd.

What is Madigan’s top priority right now? To spend $100 million in taxpayer dollars to build the Obama presidential library. That says all you need to know about Madigan and Illinois.

Will Madigan and Quinn prevail in the fall elections? Probably.  First, Madigan can have a 90% disapproval rating and be elected since his district will return him to the state House of Representatives. Will Quinn be reelected? Probably. The Democratic machine in Cook Country will get out the vote and that plus all the deceased voters who will still vote will put him back in office.

If both happen what is the fate of Illinois? Get on I-94 and head east. There you will find the answer in Detroit. Bankruptcy.

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