Obama’s Latest Hidden Ball Trick

March/19/2014 5:25AM
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We have come a long way from hope and change. Far from being the most transparent administration in history. Gone is truth and integrity. All we have now is a 38% approval rating in a country where 35% will support this president regardless of what he might do. This leaves 97% of the remainder of Americans who don’t support this president. For good reason. He doesn’t work at his job and when he does he screws something up and lies about it.

You can Google Obama lies and get page after page of lists of the more well-known lies. Mostly they begin with “I will close Gitmo” and end with the number one being: “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

Interspersed are things like Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, Ft. Hood, and many more. No one hides the ball better than Obama. With a complicit media it’s not a great feat. They provide cover for the hidden ball. Even after he wire taps their telephone conversations. Oh, that’s right, the NSA is another hidden ball. Germany’s Merkel didn’t like that one a whole lot did she? Nor did the head of Argentina who cancelled a visit here when she found out Obama was listening in on her telephone calls.

Remember when Obama released 2,226 illegal alien detainees last year? I wrote a blog about the fact that there would be at least 10 Willie Horton’s in that lot. Willie Horton was the guy who cost Michael Dukakis dearly when he paroled him and Willie killed someone. Well it’s been a year, how many innocent citizens were killed or harmed by one or more of those released?

Can’t tell you. Why? Because ICE refuses to release the names of those who were cut loose by Homeland Security due to sequestration cuts. The hell with the Freedom of Information Act. We just won’t tell any newspaper who asks and many have. Here’s the answer.” They are being monitored, trust us”.

Let me ask you, do you trust them? Do you believe for one nanosecond that there haven’t been serious crimes committed by one or more of those released? Do you care?

If you don’t, go back to sleep without your gun or your God.

If you do, check your ammunition and say your prayers because you just know you’ve been had one more time by a president who doesn’t get much right except the old “hidden ball” trick.

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