Drawing a Line in the Snow

March/07/2014 5:15AM
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no clue

Let’s see, drawing a line in the sand didn’t work. After telling Syria they risked war if they used chemical weapons, Obama first turned to Congress to get him out of that after the gas was used. Then, he turned to Putin to broker a deal.

So, let’s try drawing a line in the snow, maybe that will  work better.

Now he threatens Putin over the Russian troops in the Ukraine. But, at the same time he has Hagel announce we will reduce our troop levels to pre- WWII levels.

The mouth that roars must roar. An empty wagon makes the most noise.

Let’s track all of that. First, the US Commander in Chief threatens little Syria, then backs down. He uses Russia to back down. Then he threatens Russia after reducing our troop levels.

Embarrassed yet? The world is laughing folks. We are a joke.

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