Bigger Government–Are You Kidding Me?

March/04/2014 7:44AM
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Let’s discuss my favorite two topics , education and term limits.

The Mayor of New York is going about the business of closing down successful charter schools in the city. The President of the United States, who is in favor of charter schools, is quiet on this issue. The Secretary of Education, who is in favor of charter schools, is mute also. The governor of New York says nothing. The charter schools are in the poor sections of the city. They have demonstrated quantitative success over public schools. Doesn’t matter. The teachers’ union doesn’t want charter schools showing success. So, sorry kids, it’s all about the beloved teachers’ union, not about you. The president and the Secretary of Education put in place a testing system to measure teacher performance. Teachers in Illinois say they will boycott the process. States are removing the test process. Teachers are being indicted for changing test scores to retain jobs. A man named Bobby Thompson tried to give the city of Detroit enough money to build 5 charter schools several years ago. The city turned him down. The union didn’t like the idea. Let’s use the City of Detroit for our educational model nationwide.

The present governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, tried to get term limits put into law in a previous job. A judge declared that the people of Illinois can’t vote on term limits. It must be changed by the system. Of course, we should let foxes into henhouses, your honor. Wonder how much they paid that judge? He may be one of the dozens of judges in Illinois serving time for bribes. Where the hell does a judge come off making this decision? The Republican candidate who will get the nomination, Bruce Rauner, says he will put in term limits, eight and done. He may succeed, if elected, since he wants to do it, not to use it for a campaign promise, but because he believes it’s the proper thing to do. One only needs to see them prop John Dingell(D), Michigan up to honor him for serving far too many years and refusing to retire. By watching that, we can realize we don’t need people with bibs to catch the drool serving in elective office. Now, Dingell’s younger wife may replace him. Do we need that too, Hillary?

We don’t need bigger government running everything ineptly. We need less incompetent elderly drooling politicians who got rich in office by taking every penny they could take. Let’s make them get out and work in the private sector, or run for bigger jobs. Make them retire and not replace themselves with a family member. Just understand one thing, 95% of them have never run anything and the majority couldn’t hold a decent job in the private sector. They run and stay because they get far too much of your adulation and money for far too little talent and effort.

Less government messing up the educational system and elected officials who must make a mark in 8 years then move on to a bigger job or find real work.

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