President Obama-the Car Salesman

February/13/2014 5:09AM
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Like all predictions this arrogant narcissist we enjoy as president makes, his predictions on cars sold when he took over as president prove dramatically false. It is reassuring to know that Americans don’t buy anything based on presidential fiat, especially cars. Today, my wife and I were sitting and waiting for my car to be washed at the neighborhood car wash in Scottsdale, AZ. There are  four lanes at this wash and the cars were stacked three deep. Twelve cars if you don’t like story problems. We watched for 15 minutes until my car was done. In that time there was never less than 11 SUV’s and/or pick-up trucks of the twelve vehicles.

Never a Volt, the Obama car of 2009. Never a compact car, the cars that must be sold to meet the ridiculous Obama mileage requirements he established. Not one hybrid.

Scottsdale residents are pretty well-educated on a comparative basis. Before the recent crash test data came out last week, many of us already knew that you risked death in a Fiat or a Smart car or any of the Obama-mobiles. The crash test data confirmed that. When the president establishes his mileage requirements for auto manufacturers he doesn’t take into account death. Death is always a trade-off for staunch environmentalists. They believe the biggest threat to the world is over-population. Fewer people is good, more people is bad. Birds die at the feet of windmills, many endangered. Just a trade-off. Water is used to create steam from solar panels in the desert of Arizona, just a trade-off.

Americans won’t be forced to buy dangerous tiny cars  and we won’t be forced to buy bad health insurance. In the first case we just keep buying what we choose to buy. In the second case, we will vote out anyone who is forcing us to buy the crap we don’t want. In the first case we see it at the car wash and on the roads every day. In the second case we will see it at the polls in November. Democrats like Clair McCaskill  know it already. They are toast.

Bad ideas get foisted on us every day by elected officials. Over time we identify who has bad ideas and brand them for their failures. No president in my lifetime has more bad ideas than the man in office now. He tells us the has fixed Syria yet those trying to bring aid to refugees in Syria are killed by government air strikes. Iran is going to stop their nuclear program, yet they are telling us they will begin putting their armed fleet in our waters.

Obama’s response to all this: let’s raise the minimum wage.

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