Common Sense and ObamaCare

January/17/2014 5:41AM
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Oxymorons are always interesting, impossible combinations like jumbo shrimp. There is no bigger oxymoron than common sense and ObamaCare.

When you initiate an insurance plan to cover the uninsured certain things are painfully obvious. First, the very sick are going to jump on the plan. Second, the people between the ages of 50 and 65 will enroll. They are often working after they plan to retire just to get insurance. If they don’t work and get employee benefits,  insurance is too expensive. They know they are vulnerable from a health standpoint. Third, young people who don’t have insurance, but are planning to have a child, will be all over the plan.

Guess who is enrolling in ObamaCare, exactly those demographic groups.

Guess who isn’t enrolling? Young people who don’t plan to have a child and poor people who have always used the emergency rooms. Gee, isn’t that amazing. But, the poor people were the reason for ObamaCare. And, the young people are necessary to make the math work.

Here’s another little tidbit you need to consider. A recent survey shows that the IRS only answers 60% of the phone calls they receive. Under ObamaCare this is the group that will manage your ObamaCare insurance. Do you see a little problem here? It’s one thing to leave 40% of the phone calls about taxes unanswered, but that doesn’t translate to your health needs. This could be worse than a web site that doesn’t work.

ObamaCare just issued yet another waiver. People with pre-existing conditions have until March to sign up, not the end of January. While this is fair from a compassion standpoint, it will just make the numbers worse per the data above.

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