Chris Christie Media Frenzy

January/20/2014 5:06AM
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Wow, did the media have a field day with the Chris Christie bridgegate scandal. Hours of prime time exposure to the mess. Keeping kids from getting to school on time for four days became a national emergency. I’m no Christie fan, so I’m not taking his side because I want him to be the Republican candidate. He lost me on two occasions. First in his keynote address at the Republican convention where he gave a” vote for Christie” speech, not a “vote for Romney” speech. Bad team play. Arrogant and narcissistic. We have one of those as president now, don’t need another. Then when he sold out Romney again for a few pieces of gold. Gold he wound have gotten for hurricane relief anyway. It was a publicity stunt and he threw the party under the bus yet again. His style is refreshing, but his soul is black and nasty. He may have authorized the traffic jam.

But,  he did three things Obama can’t do. First, he took responsibility. Then, he apologized. Sincerely. Then he went to the mayor he dissed and apologized in person to him. Then he fired the staff who he says did this. Responsibility, apology, and accountability. Where haven’t we seen those three things?

Let’s start with Fast and Furious. Gun running into Mexico by our government. A border agent killed. Much worse than tardy school kids for four days.

Then the IRS mess with the Tea Party. Using the government to keep opposition from getting a tax status to raise money. Worse than bridgegate?

Then the NSA spying on all of us. Worse?

Then Benghazi. Again, people died. A blatant lie was perpetuated on the American public. A video caused this. More lies about when the Secretary of State knew about the truth. More lies, still, about where the president was when it happened. More lies in the presidential debate. Existing  president and future candidate up to their eyeball isn lies. Worse than what Christie did?

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period”. Knowing full-well that it’s a lie, you tell it over and over to sell your plan.

A bad web site designed by a company that a college friend of the first lady is employed by.  A friend who has visited the White House no less than four times. A firm that is Canadian, not American, a firm that has failed numerous times before. A virtual no-bid contract that has run into the millions and their work is being re-done. Worse than a bridge problem?

What’s missing in all three cases. Responsibility. None by this president. Apology, nothing sincere. Mostly, “I didn’t know anything about anything”. Accountability. None, no one fired in any of the aforementioned examples. No one that mattered, at least.

So, you see, as far as the mainstream media is concerned, it’s not the magnitude of the problem that dictates the air time, it’s the politics of the person committing the problem. Simple as that. It’s obvious as the Christie mess has shown. The mainstream media have an objective. They don’t want Christie running in 2016, they do want Hillary running. If any  other hot-shot Republican starts to emerge as a strong candidate, expect the same. The non-partisan Benghazi report looks bad for Hillary. Don’t expect much exposure.

Until you stop watching their drivel, you will get drivel.

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