Who Isn’t Mad About ObamaCare?

December/28/2013 5:04AM
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We have reached that point with this mess. It’s easier to identify who is happy with ObamaCare. It’s all the voting support the democrats will have left come the 2014 mid-term elections.

The whole idea was to provide health insurance for 16-30 million uninsured Americans. But, a current poll shows 54% of them don’t like the plan. And, only about the same percentage plan to buy the junk. The rest liked what they had because it was free. This includes those who have pre-existing conditions.

Everyone else takes it in the shorts. The 125 million who get insurance from employers are about to get some unfavorable adjustment ranging all the way to–“get your insurance from Barack”.

We elderly lose several billion in Medicare budget money to go to who knows what. That will cause many docs to drop new Medicare patients.

Young people who get to stay on the parents’ insurance, get insurance. If mom and dad don’t have insurance, the kids, like all the rest of their peers, must buy insurance or pay the fine. But the kids who got mom and dads insurance don’t even care unless they have a problem.

Everyone who bought their own insurance either gets their insurance cancelled or their premium doubled or both.

AARP is going to lose a few million more members as it dawns on the country that they were in the boat doing this to everyone.

Insurance companies will take it in neck. Obama will extract billions from their bottom lines until it is repealed as their reward for endorsing what they thought would be a windfall. There’s always the deserving when the blood flies. They and AARP are the most deserving. Next to the following group.

So, there’s the math. How would you like to stand for election or re-election as a democrat in 2014 with 30 million voters in the entire country happy with your signature program? Only the tar and feathers will be missing.

Here’s a prediction. All politicians cover their own ass first. Before it get’s this bad, a delegation of hand-picked democrats will truck up to the big White House to chat with the arrogant president and deliver the bad news. ObamaCare will be repealed and he will sign the bill making that happen.

This sort of thing happened with Bush, the W, after the mid-term bloodbath of his last term. He was doing things like proposing to lease the ports in the US to Dubai, etc. Some delegation went up and explained to him that the Republican Party would run the country the last two years of his term and they did. But, like Bush, it was too late. That’s why we got 6 years of Obama. But, he fixed that with ObamaCare as the numbers show you can’t upset 95% of the public and not have serious repercussions. This one will last a long time.




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