The Youth of America are Getting the Shaft

December/16/2013 5:51AM
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For those of you who are between eighteen and twenty-five years of age, here’s a little message. Your love for President Obama may be misplaced. It may be time to sit down and evaluate what he is doing for you.

His biggest and latest  gift to you is bad health insurance. You get to buy his insurance whether you want it or not. And, it’s not the type of insurance you would be directed to buy. It’s very high deductible and very expensive. Why, expensive? Because you are subsidizing the insurance being provided to older and sicker Americans. Why is the insurance inappropriate? A good advisor would suggest you need insurance for big health issues that has low deductibles for those types of illness but you pay out-of-pocket for normal doctor’s visits.

Unemployment is highest for the young these days. He’s just about wiped out jobs for you with his economic policies.

College tuition is at record levels. Student test scores and falling despite more and more money pouring into secondary education. This has created nearly a trillion dollars of student loan debt held by your government.

Debt for the country keeps piling up. This is debt you will pay for some day. Ask the few residents of Detroit who are still left. They are paying in numerous ways for profligate spending by Democratic mayors for 50 years. Try 40 minutes for emergency response with most street lights out to see how much you like what spending by previous generations has done.  This is coming to other cities in the country soon, and sometime in your lifetime, not mine, the whole country.

As I look out my window and watch the beautiful falling snow, I wonder how you might feel about the global warming scam in 25 years. There has been no increase in global temperature for the past 15 years, but you are being told it’s coming. Academics who support this cause have been granted billions in research money. Politicians who support his have been given more political power and some have gotten incredibly wealthy peddling this program(Gore). In the 70’s both groups got the same benefits selling global cooling.

I could go on and on,  but, hey, it’s your life, not mine. Most of you are smart enough to make your own judgments. Many of you are already feeling the pain in some way, shape, or form. It’s your life, not mine. I can only feel abject sorrow that you are supporting what you consider cool and not supporting what is best for you. Just remember Detroiters supported Coleman Young because he was black, not because he was competent and honest. Coleman is long dead, but Detroit is still dying. My advice, vote with your head, don’t vote along the lines of your fellow youth. Ignore your teachers and professors, ignore your friends, and spend a little time assessing your current plight in American. You are being screwed by those you hear are for you,  and it’s time to look elsewhere for ideas.

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