Tears on my Keypad for Boeing Workers

December/19/2013 5:12AM
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I buy the Chicago Tribune to save wear and tear on my garbage disposal. And for the crossword puzzles. It has very little value for other than those two uses.

A headline in the business section in the December 16th paper reads: “Workers feel spurned by Boeing’s site search”. This chronicles a letter written by a Boeing employee named Shannon Ryker who is a third-generation Boeing Co. employee. Shannon writes: “like my 86-year old grandmother, I would like to tell my children and grandchildren that “Boeing has been good to this family. I no longer can hold my head high and say I am proud to work at Boeing”.  Why is Shannon so upset? Because her union voted down the latest Boeing contract offer by a 2-1 vote. Shannon is well paid with great benefits, but her union wants more. Her company is competing with Airbus and losing. Neither Shannon nor her union care one iota about that stuff. Shannon says she would rather be unemployed than agree to something that hurts her children in the future.

The state of Washington has thrown tax incentives on the table, but they might not be enough. Boeing employs 83,000 in Washington state. Of course, that money would come from non-Boeing  taxpayers who would be supporting the Boeing mechanics union. Of course, the non-mechainics at Boeing will lose their jobs as well.

Memo to Shannon:

Dear Shannon:

I’m glad you love your union. I know the good employees at Hostess loved theirs too. But, consistent with your wishes you expressed in your letter to the management at your company, they are unemployed and will more than likely never find a job that paid them as well as their Hostess pay that they rejected. The Hostess brand lives on but is produced by non-union employees and about 50% as many produce almost as many cakes.

Good luck in your employment future, Shannon, I’m sure your children you won’t sell out will much better off with you unemployed than they were with you working.

And, for the state of Illinois which is attempting to woo the Boeing business here.

Dear Governor Quinn:

Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day by spending my tax dollars to try to get the Boeing company to produce airplanes in your state. Boeing management is not stupid. They know this state is the least friendly business state next to California(they are tying too) and New York.

Isn’t it interesting. No union or union employee ever learns from past mistakes. When Boeing moves to Missouri or Texas or some state that is eager to have right to work laws and low taxes for business and friendly regulations, Shannon will keep blaming the company, not herself or her union. Who is Detroit blaming?

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