Junk Science

December/22/2013 5:02AM
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Junk scientists don’t work in places where you must produce something of value. They work where opinions count. Places like universities and governments. Places where they are paid with tax dollars or charitable contributions. There are millions of them around the world churning out opinions. Sure, they throw in junk that looks like science. But, if you tried to create an atomic bomb from their science it would produce meth. Some of them might be on that meth.

Let’s just take five examples. Coffee comes to mind. One month it’s killing millions. In another, it’s really good for you, so do drink more.

Then, there’s that flame retardant stuff that was mandated for furniture for 40 years. It started in California the crucible of junk science in America. It became law there and then swept across the land. It would be hard to find anything that’s not an antique that doesn’t contain that junk. Now some new junk scientists tell us that chemical has killed thousands of kids through the years not to mention lazy cats and dogs who spent too much time on those couches. Couch potatoes, all history. killed by junk science that became Federal law.

Now, its anti-bacterial soap. That stuff doctors have told us for years keeps us from getting the bubonic plague and leprosy. We hear it’s just soap in a bottle and doesn’t have any other value except to extract money from wallets. Junk science sold to unwitting Americans.

Just this week it’s vitamins. No good, don’t do a thing for you. Stop spending to create expensive urine.

Finally, it’s the biggest junk science of all. CO2, which is produced in abundance by trees is warming the world. Behind that, we get the dangers of deforestation. Man is producing too much CO2 and by cutting down the Amazon forest is taking away much-needed CO2. The global temperature has not changed in the past 15 years, but junk science doesn’t need to explain that. Nor, that all of Gore’s predictions for year 2020 have needed significant downward adjustment. The area of Artic ice has actually grown.  Nor, do they answer the other scientists who claim some warming may be good. It will reduce the need for energy for heat and produce more food and increase the tourist business in Indiana. Global warming is an underground economy where cultists throw billions to support bogus claims. In the 70’s they tried global cooling, but after 15 years of no change, it died.

You think we aren’t susceptible to cults? Let’s look at an example here in America. It’s called travel sports teams. Billions are being poured into this scam. People who couldn’t coach you to walk are being paid to coach kids the wrong way. Every day millions of parents are giving up their lives to sit on hard benches or folding chairs to watch little Sarah or little Tommy play a sport she and he will never play in high school, let alone use as a free ticket to college. It has swept the country and created a huge cottage industry that is built on cult guilt. If I don’t do this for my kid, I’m not a good parent. If I don’t buy climate change, I’m a bad person. Parents would be better served taking little Sarah and little Tommy to church on Sunday morning. You and I would be better served by telling junk scientists we’ve had enough, get a real job. Just like those bogus coaches who are teaching kids on travel teams that sucking up to the coach is how to win in America, junk scientists are taking billions from the economy.

Put junk science where it belongs in your life, on the sceince fiction shelf.

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