What a Tangled Web We Weave When at First we Deceive

November/12/2013 5:47AM
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Sadly, our president is a serial liar. His latest example will long be remembered, but he has learned nothing from the pain he’s feeling as the country turns against him. The latest 39% approval rating has to smart.

I’ll keep this brief, something our president can’t do.

Over and over and over again, to sell his bogus health care program, he lied to 300 million Americans. It’s illegal to lie to the 500 liars in Congress, but not to lie to 300 million Americans.

Fifteen Democrats came to the White House to ask the president to save their bacon by fixing the ObamaCare mess.  His first effort, blame the insurance companies. Someone, probably, Valerie Jarrett, the real president, told him to stop doing this. They need help from the insurance companies to try to fix the unfixable.

Then, he said he was sorry. Sorry that he has to cancel the insurance for the 5% of the Americans who are too stupid to buy the right kind of health insurance and needed his help to do that. That’s an outright lie. Many of the citizens being cancelled are not being cancelled for insufficient insurance. And, Duke University says it will be 130 million who will get their insurance cancelled. Another lie.

Trying to change the subject in his speech in Louisiana, he shifted to the economy. He said the economy would be much stronger if the Republicans had not shut down the government. At the same time that his own economic team reported that the shutdown had no appreciable impact on the economy and the positive jobs report caused the stock market to set a new record.

On the day after you apologize for being a liar, you tell another whopper. Now we can all tell when you are lying, when you open your mouth, which has far exceeded any previous president’s need to talk. Love thyself, Obama, the country is going in the opposite direction.

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