Obama Needs to Go

November/15/2013 5:26AM
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Anyone who would expose the citizens of this great nation to the pain that ObamaCare is inflicting on the public is certifiably incompetent to be our president. The New York Times said Obama needs to campaign for ObamaCare. This is the key to the problem. Obama is only competent to campaign.

ObamaCare is terminally ill. Nothing will fix this mess. Billions will be needed to reverse what has already been done. No one knows how to fix the damage if it all stopped now. Some things just can’t be fixed. If it’s a failure from the outset and will never work and the longer it continues the more damage it will do.

The man who so proudly gave us this disgrace needs to move on. His VP, who called it a big ***ing deal is worse. Pelosi, who said read it later is worse.

How do you impeach an entire party?

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